Please see below the precautions we are following to be able to safely return to the studio to start to deliver you online dance lessons.

  1. The studio will only be used by Miss Becky and Miss Paige, no other tutors or members of the public will enter the premises.
  2. Miss Becky will access the building via the back door and will use Studio 1 and the facilities in the waiting room.
  3. Miss Paige will access the building via the front door and will use Studio 2 and the facilities in the office.
  4. Hand sanitisers are installed in both ends of the hallway for both Miss Becky and Miss Paige to use as they enter the building and as they leave.
  5. The building will be locked behind them once Miss Becky and Miss Paige are in so it is not open to the public.
  6. Miss Becky and Miss Paige will not use public transport to get to the studio, they will both drive in their own cars and will make the journey directly from their homes to the studio and directly from the studio back home after they have finished.
  7. A full clean of the areas used will be done after all classes have finished for the day.

We feel that with these measures in place it will be acceptable for the studio to open for both Miss Becky and Miss Paige to deliver live lessons online.


Will the Parklands summer show be cancelled?

We have been unable to make contact with the venue but have taken the decision that we will not be going ahead with the show that was due to take place in June. We have another date set for December with the option to add an extra performance on the same day to allow more people to be able to view the show. We will ensure all those that have missed out on the summer Parklands show will be able to take part in the festive Christmas show.

Do you have a plan for returning to lessons?

We have an initial plan to start online Zoom lessons and then move onto a phased return timetable before then being able to reopen to a full service. A timeline for these phases cannot be set as we want to ensure we are listening to the information coming from the government and the researchers. As we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s very important that we can ensure we are safe and well before we move to each new phase. As we learn more, we will keep you informed.

When will we be able to have our lessons at the studio?

This is unclear at the moment, currently it looks like this could be towards the end of July however we must ensure we are meeting all the correct health and safety guidelines to ensure our tutors and our students are safe. These guidelines are changing all the time and any timeframes that have been mentioned in relation to opening services are also heavily reliant on what happens over the course of the next few weeks. We are preparing the studio, and the tutors, to be ready when time comes when we can return. But a date on this will be based on the information that comes to us over the next few weeks.

What health and safeguarding practises do you have in place at the studio when we do return?

There are hand sanitisers located at both ends of the corridor. We will still be ensuring that all handrails, toilets, sinks, door handles and any surfaces that can be easily accessible or touched by any members of the public will still be cleaned every hour. The studio will continue to be deep cleaned once a week. We may put in place a system for drop off and pick-ups to ensure fewer people are in the building at one time. It is likely that a phased-return timetable will be in place before full timetable resumes so we can ensure we do not have too many people in the building at one time.

Will you be running any dance camps during the holidays?

We have to wait and see what happens over the next few weeks. As more people return to work more people will have childcare issues and therefore this service will be helpful to some. When we can launch some dance camp days to help support those that need it is dependent on what happens over the next few weeks.

My child is struggling to engage in the video lessons, what can I do?

If you are struggling to get them engaged, please let us know. For some we have been working with them on an individual basis with one to one catch up meets and setting individual challenges to help them get motivated. We think it is so important right now for everyone to be patient with themselves and not be too hard on themselves if they miss their usual activities. But if you are worried, they are not doing anything or are losing interest altogether, please let us know.

I can’t get my child on the Zoom chats, what shall I do?

Please let us know why they don’t want to come on and we will look at ways of helping you get on there. We really want them to feel confident using the Zoom chat system as this is what we will be using when we come to deliver the online lessons.

I don’t have much space to dance, do you have any suggestions?

We know this can be an issue for some, we’ve had a few people ask this question and some have also shared what they’ve done so they can take part in the lessons. Some of the examples we’ve had include, dance in the garden if the weather is nice, or move some of your smaller pieces of furniture around when its lesson time.

I don’t have a hardwood floor to do my tap dancing on?

It is really important to make sure you are happy with where your child is doing their tap dancing. Dancing on tiled or hard wood in tap shoes could cause the floor to scratch or crack. We have been suggesting tapping outside, as long as it is not on your newly laid block paving, or some have a piece of board that they are laying down to tap on (B&Q do sell large sized MDF board cut offs which are great for tapping on and are very cheap). If you have neither of these or are unable to source a piece of wood from somewhere you can try placing a sock over your tap shoe, this should stop any scratches on your floor but please test it. If the surface of the tap plates still feel rough to touch when the sock is placed over the shoe then it will still scratch. You must also test that having the sock over your shoe does not cause you to slip. You will not be dancing your best if you are nervous about slipping and you could cause muscle tension or strain, or injury if you fall. You can still try tapping on carpet but again check that the plates are smooth, so they do not tear the carpet. If you still do not have a solution then the best option is to do your tap work in your bare feet. Some of your steps may be difficult to tackle in bare feet but just do your best.

Do I still have to pay my membership fees?

We need members to still make their payments for their classes. If members stop paying, we would not be able to return when this is all over. We understand that we are not delivering the same service as before, but we are delivering a different service and we’re trying our upmost to ensure we have given everyone plenty to do and ways to do it. We are providing, and will continue to provide, additional activities and dance content as often as possible. We’re doing this in the hope that you are happy with our service and that you feel we are trying to go above and beyond. We have plans in place for when we return to the studio and we’ve got some fantastic rewards for the students and parents as a way of saying thank you for your support during this time.

Posted on May 16, 2020

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